Friday, September 14, 2012

Bare Rose Style

Another favorite new outfit for my Crystal Fae Avatar from Fallen Gods - this one from the AMAZING Bare Rose: ::: B@R ::: Petite Battle Axe! This awesome warrior uniform comes in four different colour variations, with the giant-ass battle-axe that can be worn on your back or in you hand.

I paired it with these incredible FREE Drangonhunter Horns from XOPH. These are a free gift as part of the Twisted Fall Hunt 2012. They're incredibly detailed and beautifully sculpted and go so well with the Battle Axe outfit. They're colour changeable with a menu driven script, and come with some amazing devilish particle special effects and sound effects.

It takes awhile to find the gift at XOPH - you have to play a mini-hunt clicking on idols and gathering keywords that you then say in a phrase in local chat to a prize-giving dude-God-bot, but it's sooooo worth it.

I added some beautiful new eyes to my sexy-elf avatar. I wanted something more magical and higher-contrast than the more subdued eyes that come with the Fallen Gods Crystal Fae avatar. These -{The Attic}- Mesh Color Changeable Eyes - Petite Edition (Wicked Male) Eyes are exactly what I was looking for! They're colour changeable with the included hud and you can save colours as favourites for different avatars. Luckily the standard aqua suits my little green guy perfectly, so I didn't have to adjust a thing. There are also two different option - with glow or without - of course I chose to wear the glowing version.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Teeny Tiny Jungle Warrior

I've been looking for outfits to wear on my fantabulous new Petite Crytals fae avatar - I wanted a mix of traditional period elvish clothing and some contemporary outfits. My first favourite that I found was this beautiful rugged ensemble from ~Elvenbreath~: The Little Kenanan for Petites

This is exactly what I was looking for - something in forest colours with a slightly primitive feel. It comes with awesome prim accessories on the belt like a knife, and rope which make my little elf look like a bit of a bad-ass. The textures used are gorgeous and I especially love the acid green hue of tunic.

The oufit is versatile as it can be worn without the under layer, making my little fairy look like a true barbarian warrior:

I've been wearing this on some hunts lately and really love how authentically elven it looks!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tiny Green Hottie

I was planning on highlighting some current gay hotspots in Second Life that I've bookmarked but as usual I got distracted by something shiny in-world - this time it was an eeeeeeevil fortune teller game at Fallen Gods Inc. Marketplace Link / In-World SLurl.

I spent days at this location - one of my all-time favourite stores for fantasy skins, shape and accessories - trying to win a beautiful dark opalesque fantasy skin. I was a fun time chatting with the other assorted players there trying to figure out the correct way to win the prize - it turned out we had to both sit at the fortune teller, have it assign us a number than then find a an avatar with a corresponding number or percentage that would add up to 100%. It took me many trips back to the store but I finally won the skin with a helpful friendly avatar lady late one night.

I haven't even unpacked the skin yet, as I've been utterly enchanted with a new avatar I picked up when I got bored with the Fortune Teller game and started wandering around Fallen Gods: The PETITES Male Crystal Fae Tiny avatar.

I've fallen in love with the little green fairy guy. It's 100% mesh, and it turns out it's perfect for high-lag areas like Fallen Gods stuffed full of players trying to win a gorgeous skin. The reduced size of the avatar seems to reduce the draw weight considerably, so it's Sim-friendly. This is the first time I've ever worn a Petite avatar - it's kinda fun being so much smaller than everybody else in Second Life and navigating from the perspective of a 2-foot hight elf!

I've always been a sucker for fae and elven myths, design and iconography, so this is right up my alley. The introduction of full-mesh avatars has made it possible for us to wear beautifully-crafted and sculpted tiny avatars. These new Petites tinys by Yabusaka look to be inspired by real-world porcelain collectors dolls, with the same delicate serene features. Fallen Gods has created their own custom version of the Yabusaka Petite avatar, with the Crystals range in other-worldly iridescent hues of green, blue and violet with dragon-fly like wings, darker more intensely coloured Draco fae with bat-like wings, and the more subdued Elven line with more human skin-tones (and less-revealing clothing).

As this is a full mesh avatar I can't alter it's shape in any way, so I instead customized it to my taste with a few more purchases from other shops. Luckily there's a ton of creators out there designing new clothing, hair, wings, and much more for these beautiful new tiny avatars - many of which can be found at the Petite Avatar Kingdom Market.

I bought some new mesh butterfly wings that I was able to customize by adding some colour and glow with Second Life's basic build/edit tools, some hair from Wasabi Pills, some dead-sexy vines from Animations Rising, and a fun petites Animation Overider from Creative Insanity, to which I added some awesome animated flying/hovering/sitting animations from Kuso that I already had in my inventory.

EDIT: Kuso actually has a full Flying Pixie AO with gorgeous animated poses. It's a bit girly for me but some of the animated stands are perfect for a flying fairy so I bought some of them to add to my customized AO. Kuso is fantastic by the way - beautiful graceful animated poses all for only 10L$ each!

Photo Locations:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer Style on a Budget in Second Life

My last couple of posts featured outfits that ended up being pretty expensive, mostly due to being made up of a mix of items I've bought over the past few months, so I thought I'd highlight some nice cheap deals I've found recently at Navan Designs and Dark Creations.

Up top: The 99 Linden Ripped Jeans outfit. Perfect for your white trash role-play, hanging out in dark alleys, hunting hogs in the the swamp or even for dressing up as hot man-wolf Alcide from True Blood! The 99 Linden sets are a fantastic value, as they come complete with boots/shoes, hats, sunglasses and other accessories that can expand your wardrobe without spending a lot of lindens. Many of them are available in a variety of colour choices, so you're sure to find something you just have to add to your wardrobe! Photo Location: The Wash

This is the 99 Linden Mr DJ outfit in black. Again, an awesome deal at 99L, with boots, wristwatch, cap, glasses, and two sets of headphones to wear on your head or neck - or both like I did for the photo!  Photo Location: Aqua Lounge

The 99L Summertime Outfit in purple denim. Cut little jean hot-pants that I'd never wear in real life, but which look kinda hot my avatar. With a very nice tank top, cap, glasses, belt, sandals and dog-tags, in a variety of colour options for the tank. European summer-style! Photo Location: Haulover Nude Gay Beach

Also at The Wash - there's a fantastic cart sale happening with some amazing finds all for only 10L each! Some great steals here, including home furnishing, fashion, gadgets and more. You can check out the most-excellent SL Freebie Hunters blog for comprehensive look at the items for sale.

The Wash is a fun sim, with a Rockabilly theme - a great place to go to listen to awesome spirt-lifting Rockabilly music while you shop. It's home to one of my favourite shops - Hell Bop clothing - the perfect place to get some blue-collar work clothes and fashionable retro '50s outfits.

It's also home to the Fab Free Headquarters - a fantastic place for new avatars to get all kinds of free goodies from top Second Life designers. I always recommend this place to all new Second Life residents!

I got a bit distracted in my shopping by this awesome place - The Carnival of Chaos! I'm a huge comic-book nerd, so there was no way I was going to miss a Joker-themed circus! (I luv the no-bats sign out front. lol!)

I didn't stick around to ride any of the rides as I was on a cart-shopping mission, but I did check out the main tent - where you can buy some Bat-Villain avatars and Bat-Merchandise.

Of course, no Joker circus would be complete without some hungry hyenas.

The Joker doesn't seem to be a fan of other clowns muscling in on his territory!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Barbarian Angel Storms Second Life

I thought I'd show off the original version of my new shape that I was working on before I got distracted/inspired by a certain hot naked Russian gender-bender. I had been browsing the gorgeously dead-sexy barbarian outfits at Ripped (Marketplace Link) and Tamarin Forge (in-world Second Life Link) when I realized I needed a new big macho warrior shape that would complement the hot role-play clothes I bought.

I could have bought one of the beautiful shapes for sale at Tamarin Forge (Marketplace Link), but I much prefer to wear shapes I have made myself. Maybe I should go back and buy one though. They are incredibly beautiful.

This is the shape I came up with - it's amazing how different the face looks with this mouth shape, versus the fuller lips that I added for the Pavel Petel-inspired shape that this evolved into.

 I had a great fun finding just the right accessories for this Barbarian Angel look, like the FREE big-ass sword from 1st Act, metal arm-guards, and beautiful wings. I mixed-and matched some items from a couple of the Ripped outfits I bought. Details below...

Garden of KU 
 COX City  - ADULT

Loincloth:  Kandor Loincloth by Ripped
Sword: [1A] SOLDIER Sword by 1st Act - AN AWESOME FREE GIFT!
Arm Guards: ViGo Metal Armour Light by ViGO Creations
Harness: Stalker Weapon Harness by Ripped
Arm & Leg Bands: Defined Brown by Ripped
Boots: Pelt Boots - Long by Ripped
Neck-Chain: Dark Warrior - Chain Necklace by Egoisme
Wings: Cormorant Angel Wings Dark - Rust by Jen Shikami
Tattoo: Tattoo whispers of Gondor_GoK by Garden of Ku Tattoos

Body Bits:
Beard:*Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Beard V1 - Light by Sacred Skins- / Wavie Haller
Hair: TYLER -Dark- *REDGRAVE* by Redgrave
Body Hair: 3D Prim Body Hair by Jareth's Barbershop
Body Hair Tattoo Layer: {Morpheus} - The Body Hair Shop
Skin: **JOMO** boy skin R 26 C by **JOMO** / xiaoduo Abbot
Eyes:Darker eyes type 4 by EDDESIGN Body Shop / Edde Edman

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Still Exploring Second Life!

It looks like I'm going to be making a new post around here about once a year, but I'm in the middle of a move in RL and am avoiding packing so I've been exploring Second Life again. Hooray Procrastination!

I'm constantly changing shape - I've gone through more than a couple in the past year -and have been making the first tentative steps towards starting my own shapes business. I was was working on my latest big beefy masculine dude for some Gladiator/Barbarian photos when I got distracted by an exceptionally fabulous naked Russian DJ by the name of Pavel Patel! (nsfw link)

Mr Patel is uber-hot, uber-manly, and even better, not at all shy about sharing his beautiful body with the world. Even better - he loves to play with gender-fuck fashions - to striking effect. I've been captivated by his amazing photos - he embodies the playfulness and exuberant sexuality that I often see in Second Life - but is rare to see in the mundane uptight boring real world. It's just amazing that Pavel is so brave and self-possessed to express his sexuality and joy in his physical form in such a public and open way.

As it happens the shape I was working on was a near match for Mr Patel; I just had to adjust the lips a bit and find some facial hair to complete the look. I tend to fall in love with every new shape I create and something about the big built dark-haired manly-man body is extremely compelling to me at the moment, so finding a real-life version in the form Pavel Pate of right at the same time I was crafting a similar Second Life avatar was pure synchronicity.

I'm sure I'm probably feeling a bit insecure about my move and upcoming big life changes that will occur as a result, so the powerful masculine look of the avatar and bravery of Mr Patel's high-fashion gender-bending is very inspiring. It has been a bit of a boost to my spirit walking around Second Life in this big macho dude shape.

I've been looking for the right clothing for my new shape, and have even had some fun seeing if I can find some outfits that I could in homage to Mr Patel's beautiful photos. On my travels I've found some great new shops and hangouts for the gay Second Life shopper so I'm going to highlight some of them in upcoming posts along with some great deals I've found on my travels. I've also been scooping up some fabu new outfits on the latest Menstuff hunt which runs until September 3, so I'll post some of those. Any excuse to dress up and take pics of my hot new avatar! =)

For now I'll just show off my hunting/shopping outfit that I put together on my travels and provide links to the shops if you see anything you like.

Location: Gay Zone Germany

Hunting/Shopping/Exporing Outfit:

Pavel Petel-Inspired Genderfuck Outfit:

Bodysuit: [Red Devil Inc] Slingshot Pink 2 by Red Devil Inc / Dementia Razor
Heels: -Skifija- SQ V.0.1 Platform High Heel Multi Straps by SKIFIJA / goran Osterman
Bracelet: erratic / cuff / gold by erratic / Erratic Rain